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2015 NECA Safety Awards Winners

NECA Safety is proud to announce the winners of the 2015 Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Awards.  Since its inception, the NECA Safety Awards program has continued to grow in applicants and winners. This year seen each NECA District had a winner.

NECA members and their employees recognize the significance of having safe work practices, and deserve to be honored for their commitment to safety.  Our members stand tall above the rest by keeping their employees free from hazards and injury in the workplace.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility and these awards show that the member and its employees are on board with the policies and programs that have been developed for their safety and benefit.  A good safety record can lead to more opportunities, happier employees, and a chance for higher profits with increased morale and productivity within the company.

NECA says congratulations once again to this year’s Safety Excellence and Zero Injury Award winners, a recognition they truly deserve for leading our industry in the area of Safety and keeping their employees “SAFE”.