Volume 18, Issue Number 1 March 28, 2014

2014 NECA Safety Professionals Conference

The final schedule and its details (sessions, speakers and descriptions) for the 2014 NECA Safety Professionals Conference (NSPC) in Chicago, IL on May 19-21, 2014 is now available.

About the NSPC: Participants will gain valuable information related safety management, risk mitigation and regulatory activity impacting the electrical construction industry. The NECA Safety Professionals Conference is also a great opportunity to network with your peers, share best practices, and hear directly from the leaders developing and enforcing effective safety programs and policies.

For more information, contact Michael Johnston: 301-215-4521,; Wes Wheeler: 301-215-4546; Diana Brioso Kowsari: 301-215-4549,; or visit

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Newly Launched NECA PPE Selector App

The National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) announces the launch of its latest mobile application, the NECA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Selector, based on the 2012 edition of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70E Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

This new mobile tool is designed to provide field and office personnel with safe work practices and will help you determine the proper PPE for your job. Available for both mobile and tablet devices, this is NECA's first-paid app, priced at $4.99, and is based on NECA's popular print publication, NECA 70E PPE Selector (Index# 5024-12).
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Free Webinar April 1: NFPA 70E Educating Parties on Shared Responsibilities

NECA is offering a 90 minute webinar on NFPA 70E © Educating Parties on Shared Responsibilities Tuesday, April 1, 2014, at 12:00 p.m. Hosted by Wesley Wheeler, NECA Director of Safety, it will include participation from Intec and Federated Insurance companies. The timely application and interpretations of the latest edition of NFPA 70E© Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace will be discussed.

The webinar is free of charge for NECA members, member customers and potential customers. Participants will gain a better understanding of what are the liabilities, rules and justifications concerning energized work in the electrical industry. This course is not registered for continuing education credits and none will be provided for participating.
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Announcing: 2014 NEIS Honor Roll H. Brooke Stauffer Award Winners

The NEIS Honor Roll H. Brooke Stauffer Award was presented at NECA's recent Association Executives Institute to recognize chapters that support our National Electrical Installation Standards program through their purchases. The Finger Lakes New York Chapter, NECA won a Gold Level Honor Roll Award (for purchases from 1000-4999). The Southeastern Michigan Chapter and North Texas Chapter, NECA each qualified for a Silver Level Honor Roll Award (for purchases from 500-999).
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NECA Revises Standard for Installing and Maintaining Liquid-Filled Transformers

NECA 410-2013, Standard for Installing and Maintaining Liquid-Filled Transformers is now available from the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA). This newly revised ANSI-approved standard describes installation procedures for pad-mounted, sealed, self-cooled or fan-cooled, compartmental, single- and three-phase liquid filled distribution and power transformers with primary windings rated from 2400 volts to 35 kV AC, nominal, and rated from 75 kVA through 5000 kVA, and associated accessories, designed for outdoor installation at grade level with underground entrance of primary and secondary conductors, and used for supplying power, heating and lighting loads for commercial, institutional, and industrial use in nonhazardous locations.
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NECA Revising Three of Its Most Popular Safety Publications

NECA Safety has completed revisions to three of our most popular safety products used by our contractors, these pocket guides are useful tools in the hands of employers and employees giving them the resources they need to stay safe in the workplace.

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Code Question of the Quarter

Question: I have a question related to electric vehicle charging systems. Are these types of equipment treated as appliances in NEC article 220? If so, can the demand factor tables in Article 220 be used for service and feeder calculations? I understand that these types of equipment are continuous duty loads. Many people in the field are using the term “applicanes” when referring to electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). I thin these are individual utilization equipment and the rules for appliances in Article 422 should not apply. Thanks in advance for your response.

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NFPA Names New President

NFPA Elects New President. Schneider Electric's Jim Pauley will succeed James M. Shannon as the National Fire Protection Association's president. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Board of Directors has elected Jim Pauley as the organization's president. He will assume his new role in July.
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