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Thursday, December 29, 2016


Readers Comments

(1) I used to look forward to the Code Question of the day. Not so much anymore. We used the CQD at our Monday morning meeting as a learning tool along with our weekly Safety Tool box talks. We have stopped CQD since some of the questions are most definitely DIY questions that a first apprentice could answer. Please return to your original audience of electricians. Thanks, Tim

(2) A customer of mine who built very basic residences told me this story when I asked him why he didn't go into the custom home market. He said "remember, there are more poor people than rich people. I build homes the most people can afford and appreciate". I think this analogy demonstrates why the code Forum remains popular. For the few that consider themselves too smart for these questions, I think there are many more that enjoy them and increase their knowledge. Keep up the good work. Bobby Ross

(3) Charlie, I work for an equipment manufacturer and I deal with internal (factory) wiring, feeders, branch circuit conductors, grounding and bonding, overcurrent protection, wiring methods, and other areas of the code. Your code question of the day helps many of us who are not electricians expand our understanding of the code and issues facing installers and inspectors. Thank you for continuing to inform and entertain a wide range of interests within the electrical community. Paul Mehltretter

(4) I want to respond to Jim's statement on CQD 11/23/16 I have been in the electrical industry for over 40 years and I think we want to keep in mind there are people that are in their first years and what is basic to us may not be basic to them. I conduct electrical seminars and have been asked to sometimes get back to the basics for the apprentices in the room. Keep up the good work, Randy Anderson

(5) Charlie or Whoever is Doing the Great Job: A person posted earlier that some of the questions were not really important or related to all parts of the NEC, or basic knowledge questions. I for one think it is fantastic that a novice or unseasoned person trying to make sure they meet the NEC or stay in compliance and can avoid a problem or harm to someone by getting the answers they need. I was always told the dumb question is the one never asked. I would asked that the individuals be patient and have some understanding so you can carry on your fantastic work. Regards, Jeff Martin



Thanks for all the comments, both those that are complimentary, and those that are not. There were others but these seem to capture the thoughts.

It is our hope that if a particular question and answer doesn't relate to your business or particular interest that you look forward to the next one. We do not encourage individuals to do work they are not qualified for and suggest that they contact someone that is qualified if appropriate. Our readers consist of apprentices, engineers, inspectors, journeymen, and other electrical professional's but they do not always indicate what they are. It is a diverse group, and that helps keep it interesting so we sincerely hope you will all continue to participate.

Happy Holidays and here's to a Great New Year

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