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Friday, March 17, 2017


Re: CQD answer published Friday, March 10, 2017 -Barn Feeder

Charlie, in the question about the barn supplied by a feeder you said that two ground rods are needed unless the 25 ohm rule is met. Is that enough or are other electrodes required.

Thank you, Taylor



Hey Taylor thanks for your follow up question. Buildings and structures supplied by feeders must have a grounding electrode system that complies with Part III of Article 250 as stated in 250.32(A). Any and all of the grounding electrodes in 250.52(A)(1) through (A)(7) that exist must be bonded together and used as the grounding electrode system as stated in 250.50. If no grounding electrodes exist then one or more of the ones in 250.52(A)(4) through (A)(8) must be installed such as two ground rods or a single ground rod that meets the 25 ohm resistance value.


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  1. jennifer | Mar 29, 2017

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