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The National Electrical Code is the bedrock of the electrical construction business.

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Code Question Of The Day

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Subject: Appliances Fastened in Place

Charlie, as an Electrician Instructor at Western Iowa Tech C.C. the first semester deals with Residential Wiring or dwelling units as the NEC labels them. I hand out some stickers that were authored by you to stick on the students Code Books. The stickers have a caveat that says something like, " read it again, it may not say what you think it says". I was mistakenly under the impression that "fastened in place" meant that the appliance was hard-wired or not plug and cord connected, as we discuss the CQD one of my students pointed out to me that he interpreted this to mean that the appliance was fastened in place, not necessarily hard-wired. His defense was very much like your answer on the 6-10-11 response.

George Koetters



Hi George, thanks for commenting. Sometimes our students become the teachers. I receive quite a few e-mails and never cease to wonder at the amazing knowledge shown by the subscribers to CQD.



Source: Charlie Trout

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