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Code Question Of The Day

Friday, November 18, 2011

Subject: CQD Answer 9.30.11

Hi Charlie,

The writer says the second ground rod is to "assure" the total rod(s) resistance is less than 25 ohms. The second ground rod does not "assure" this, especially in sandy or rocky ground where you could install numerous ground rods and still not reach 25 ohms or less. The only way to "assure" the 25 ohm or less level is reached is by conducting a ground rod resistance test such as the "fall of potential method". Most electrical inspectors we encounter insist on this second ground rod thinking that it will make our installation code compliant when in fact it may not.

David A Filipiak
Sky Electric, Inc



Hi David. Thanks for participating. Installing a second ground rod does make the installation Code compliant according to 250.53(A)(2) where it says a single rod shall be supplemented by an additional electrode, which can be another rod. According to the Exception to 250.53(A)(2) the additional ground rod is not required where a single rod has a resistance to earth of 25 ohms or less. However, when a second rod is installed a reading of 25 ohm is not required.


Section: 250.53(A)(2)
Source: Charlie Trout

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