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NECA Grounding and Bonding online training course

This course provides the fundamentals of grounding and bonding. It is based on the requirements contained in the National Electrical Code. This course provides a general overview of electrical grounding and bonding concepts. The course explains defined grounding and bonding terms used in the NEC and the value of using a common language of communication that includes Code terms. The performance criteria of grounding (connecting to earth) and bonding (connecting together) are discussed, along with how to effectively apply the NEC grounding and bonding requirements to electrical systems and installations. The attendees learn the two concepts and differentiate between the process of grounding and bonding, and develop a clear understanding about the earths role in the electrical safety system. Grounding electrical systems is covered in addition to the general requirements for equipment grounding, equipment grounding conductors, grounding electrode conductors, and bonding conductors.

Required Textbook: 2008 NEC Code Book CEU Credits: 0.8

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Electrical Safety in the Workplace - 70E

In this course you will learn the lockout/tagout procedure, how to recognize when work on or near live parts is justified, and why personal protective equipment (PPE) must be used whenever employees are exposed to, or have the potential to be exposed to a hazard. Course Outline:

  • Unit 1: Lockout/Tagout
  • Unit 2: Working On or Near Live Parts
  • Unit 3: Dress the Worker

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Emerging Green Markets

The fastest growing market in the U.S. is presently sustainable or green buildings, yet the electrical contracting industry is inactive in exploiting its leverage in this market. Guidance is needed for electrical contractors to effectively embrace expanding markets in the areas of energy retrofit construction, new construction, and service contracts for existing buildings. This online program will help develop a strategy for electrical contractors to recognize and embrace expanding markets in energy efficient and energy retrofit construction.

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