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New NEIS are developed through a thoughtful, collaborative process. NECA carefully analyzes industry needs and feedback through the NEIS ”Industry Review“ process.

During the Industry Review stage, industry professionals review proposed standards to confirm that NECA’s intentions and initiatives are correct and timely. Existing NEIS must also be revised or reaffirmed on a five-year cycle to remain compliant with the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).ansi

NECA 504 (200x) - Standard for Installing Light Control Devices and Systems

This standard describes the installation and related work for lighting controls commonly used in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential buildings.

NECA 414 (201x), Standard for Installing and Maintaining Wind Power Generation Systems

This standard describes the application procedures for installing wind power generation turbines.

NECA 781 (201x), Recommended Practices for Lightning Protection System Design and Installation

The purpose of developing this standard is to is provide a “Best Practices” lightning protection system installation and maintenance standard that ensures the completed installation meets or exceeds expected quality and performance criteria and complies with the minimum requirements of NFPA® 780, Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems. This standard will cover procedures regarding the following: 1. Pre-Construction Site Assessment to ensure proper design and selection of proper materials 2. Project Management procedures to obtain approvals from owner, architect, engineers and other trades for correctness and completeness of the shop drawing design and mounting details.

In Review

NECA /IESNA 501(201x), Standard for Installing Exterior Lighting Systems (ANSI)

This standard describes installation procedures for lighting systems commonly used in outdoor applications on and near commercial, institutional, industrial and storage buildings, including but not limited to the following: a)Pole mounted spot lights, area lights, sports lights and floodlights b)Illuminated bollards c)Wall mounted sconces, wall bracket lights, and wall pack lights d)Above ground mounted floodlights and spot lights, e)In ground floodlights and spot lights, g) Step lights and other lights recessed into exterior walls and other concrete surfaces h) Canopy and soffit mounted surface lights, i) Landscape lighting.

NECA/IESNA 502 (201x), Standard for Installing Industrial Lighting Systems (ANSI)

This standard describes installation procedures for lighting systems commonly used in industrial and storage buildings, including, but not limited to, the following: a)High intensity discharge (HID) low-bay and high bay lighting systems. b) Fluorescent trip lights and overhead industrial fluorescent lighting systems. c) LED overhead high bay lighting systems. d) Induction lamp overhead high bay lighting systems. e) Common special-purpose and special-environment industrial luminaires. f) Lighting installed on industrial wireway and track lighting systems.

NECA/NEMA 605 (201x) - Recommended Practice for Installing Underground Nometallic, Utility Duct

Describes the installation, shipping, and handling of underground single bore nonmetallic duct for power, lighting, signaling, and communications applications. Developed jointly with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

NECA 400 (201x), Standard for Installing and Maintaining Switchboards (ANSI)

This standard describes installation procedures for deadfront distribution switchboards rated 600 volts or less.