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An electrical contractor's work begins before a construction project is ever underway when he submits an estimate for the project's electrical work. Whether high-voltage, cable and wiring, lighting, or systems work, NECA has the information that helps electrical contractors estimate profitable projects.

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NECA provides a comprehensive catalog of educational programs. 

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Installing wiring devices, including outlets, switches, motion sensing devices and lampholders, is a critical step in completing a safe and successful electrical installation. Wiring standards addresses the quality and performance aspects of the wiring of electrical systems. The NEC rules for installing branch circuits, feeders, and service conductors all provide safety aspects necessary for the installation, but do not address the quality of the installation or how it should look once completed. The quality of the installation (specifically the wiring) is a characteristic that is unmistakable, and remains in the minds of customers long after the installation is first installed.

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Lighting technology is on a fast pace to incorporate new technology such as fiber optics and light-emitting diode systems into everyday applications. These NEIS go beyond the safety installation rules in the NEC and compliment them with applying effective lighting designs for specific and unique applications in the field. Light management and controlling light pollution is becoming more important in design as well as use of sophisticated lighting control systems to reduce energy consumption. This category of NEIS provides many of the essential elements of installing effective, energy efficient lighting for every application, including high-mast and roadway lighting systems.

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