Public Comment/Electronic Draft Request

NECA 91-202X, Recommended Practice for Maintaining Electrical Equipment. 

PUBLIC COMMENT REQUESTER INFORMATION Please complete this form to recieve a copy of the Standard Draft and approved NECA Comment Matrix form.


Please indicate by checking the box below expressing your interest in participating in a future Consensus Body for the development of a NECA standard.


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In accordance with ANSI procedures, each organization or individual participating as a member of a Consensus Body, must agree to an Interest Category Classification. Please check the appropriate category for the interest you represent. 


Interest Categories Classifications:

1.GENERAL INTEREST - Those who are not associated with electrical construction. This category typically includes professional and lay people employed by academic and scientific institutions, experts, government agencies, insurance companies, etc.

2. CONSTRUCTION - Those who are predominatly involved with the construction of buildings and similar structures. This category typically includes contractors, architects, engineers, electricians, inspectors, etc.

3. PRODUCER - Those who are predominately involved with the manufacture of products and systems installed by electrical contractors. This category usually includes manufacturers and trade associations.

4. GOVERNMENT - This category typically includes government agencies that contract for electrical construction work. 


(1) All public comments must be submitted in a timely manner within the ANS open public review period. (2) Public comments submitted in a timely manner, but with incomplete information or not submitted using NECA's approved "Comments Matrix Form" will be documented in the same manner as a new proposal.