About the Partnership

The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership is a formal collaboration of industry stakeholders, working together to improve safety for workers in the electric line construction industry. It is one of only a few national partnerships between employers and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Partnership goals include the following:

  1. Analyze accident and incident data to identify common causes for fatalities, injuries and illnesses suffered by linemen, apprentices and other appropriate job classifications.
  2. Develop recommended Best Practices for each identified cause.
  3. Develop implementation strategies for each Best Practice and promote these strategies among the partners.
  4. Identify training criteria for foremen, general foremen, supervisors, linemen and apprentices, including training to create industry culture change to place value on safety and health.

History of the Partnership

The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership began in August 2004 with six members. Additional line constructors joined over time, and the partnership was renewed and expanded in 2006, and again in 2008. In 2011 the Partnership grew by including two new members increasing the total partners to twelve. Today, the Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership covers an estimated 80 percent of total workers in the line construction industry.


Read the full text of the agreement here.


The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership currently has seventeen members:

Structure and Organization

The Electrical Transmission & Distribution Partnership is organized into an Executive Team, a Steering Team, and Task Teams.

Executive Team

The Executive Team is the policy-setting body of the partnership. It is made up of company presidents and senior representatives of other member organizations.

  • David S. Haskins, Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc., President and CEO, serves as chairman of the Executive Team.

Steering Team

The Steering Team is the operational arm of the Partnership. It is made up of safety vice presidents and safety directors of member organizations. The chair of the Steering Team is:

W. Linwood Northern, Davis H. Elliot Company, Inc., VP of Safety and Training

Task Teams

Task Teams are formed at need to accomplish tasks related to the Partnership’s mission. Currently there are three Task Teams:

  • Data Analysis Task Team
    Chair: Maryann Buelow – Utilities Services, Inc.

  • Training Task Team
    Chair: Mike McClure – MYR Group Inc.

  • Communications Task Team
    Chair: Ashley Brown – Davis H. Elliot Company.